Humboldt-University Berlin

Quantitative Data Analysis in Science Studies with Stata (together with David Johann)(1x; 2016)

Introduction to quantitative methods such as linear/logistic/ordinal/poisson regression analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis for students of the Master Science Studies.

University of Mainz

The Political System Of Germany (7x; 2011-2015)

Aimed at first year students, we explored topics such as parliamentarism, the concept of political culture, the veto player concept by Tsebelis and its application to the German political system, as well as electoral behaviour.

Politics and Economy (3x, 2011-2012)

Seminar for 2nd and 3rd year bachelor students, covering rational choice theories, their application (e.g. Downs/Niskanen/Olson) and critiques as well as an introduction to Economic Theories (Classicial,Neoclassical, and Marxist).

The Ann Arbor Model and its Use for the Explanation of Voting Behaviour (1x; 2014)

Seminar for 3rd year students, covering the main factors of the Ann Arbor model and its various applications/advances (including my research ;)) through the years.

Analyzing Electoral Behaviour - Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS (1x; 2013)

Introduction to SPSS for 3rd year bachelor and 1st year master students, covering topics such as correlations, ANOVA, logistic regression, and exploratory factor analysis.